Automatic edge banding machine HD621

Automatic edge banding machine HD621

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Automatic edge banding machine HD621


Technical parameter:


Edge banding machine HD621  
Electric lift YES
Total power 11KW
Outline dimension 5660 x 1000 x 1600mm
Feed rate 12 m /16 m /20 M / min
Edge thickness 0.4-3mm
Sheet thickness 10-60mm
Sheet length ≥150mm
Sheet width ≥80mm
Working pressure 0.6MPa


Automatic edge banding machine parts group function introduction:
Pre milling: adopts double cutter saws processing caused by ripple marks, burr or the flitch saw \ is not perpendicular to the phenomenon, the RE modification, in order to achieve the better sealing effect. The edge more closely bonded with the panel, and the overall concept of better.
Glue sealing side: through special structure, the plate edge and edge material two-sided gelatinize, ensure adhesion force stronger.
Abreast: through precision linear motion guideway by profiling automatic tracking and high frequency motor speed fast cutting structure, guarantee the cutting section is flat and smooth.
Method: adopt high frequency automatic tracking and profiling of high-speed motor structure, ensure the plate trimming the upper and lower parts of the smooth. For repair to the edge of sheet metal processing on excess sealing material. R finishing knife knife. Mainly used for PVC, acrylic edge furniture, with the thickness of 0.8mm above the edge.
Scraping edge: used to eliminate the trimming of non linear motion of the cutting process caused by the ripple marks, so that the lower part of the plate is more smooth and clean.
Polishing: Cotton polishing wheel cleaning sheet processed by polishing the edge, smooth surface.
Slotted for wardrobe side plate, a bottom plate directly slotted, reduce cutting saws process more convenient; can also be used for aluminum door edging grooves.


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