Natural Woodworking Machine


Natural wood is wood being harvested from plantation forest or primary forest. They are structurally solid and very stable. The furniture is made of wood if naturally it will be very durable and beautiful.

Wooden natural wood is durable, less environmental damage in wet and dry environments very reliable in teaching. In it, each natural woods have different durability and reliability. Depending on the year of origin and their exploitation.


Natural wood processing industry uses a lot of kinds of different wood processing machines, the most popular are the machines from Taiwan, China, ... Each field in the wood processing industry only uses some sort computer matching features and requirements. Therefore companies Aquavie would introduce to customers the machines commonly used in the manufacture of natural wood are as follows:

+ Sliding table saws: the kind of specialized saws for cutting boards (MDF, Plywood, laminated wood, ...) with high accuracy. The unit may have 1 or 2 blade, the blade can be tilted or not. Often used in furniture manufacturing.

+ Saws Pane: the kind of large format specializing saws used for cutting boards (MDF, Plywood, laminated wood, ...) with a very high accuracy. The unit may have 1 or 2 blades, sawing machines with different modes can be programmed as required.

+ Machine competent cells: the flat planing machines, specialized cells of the wood to length and straightness required high flatness.

+ Planing Roll: the flat planing machines with high accuracy, fast speed, can align the thickness of the wood.

+ Vertical Milling Machine: A type of high-speed milling machines, milling or used exclusively for the mind inspired motifs, the torus edge with a variety of designs and different lines.

+ Machine sanding barrel: dedicated to smooth flat surfaces, the machine applies a lot of woodworking production.

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