Precision sliding table saw MJ320PA

Precision sliding table saw MJ320PA

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  • Product Code: MJ320PA

Precision sliding table saw MJ320PA

Technical parameter:Precision sliding table saw MJ320PA

Precision sliding table saw MJ320PA  
Push table length 3200mm
Maximum height of saw blade 90mm
Maximum diameter of main saw blade 350mm
Slotted saw blade diameter 120mm
Spindle speed 4200r/minute
Groove saw shaft speed 8500r/minute
Main saw motor power 5.5kw
Saw motor power 0.75kw



Safety operation rules for precision sliding table saw
1, operation before the inspection precision sliding table saw blade is sharp blades must be smooth, sharp serrated, not continuous missing tooth two, crack length not more than 20mm, crack tip must be washed only hiatus, test machine for about a minute, see precision sliding table saw is functioning properly.
2, check the direction of rotation of the blade, to ensure that the direction of the rotation of the blade is correct.
3, the thickness of the saw wood, to be exposed to the wood 10~20mm can be limited to the saw, the saw tooth must be on the same circumference.
4, after the boot, must be to be normal speed before the saw. When sawing materials will not sway or high up in the wood, a slow feeding speed. Saw material length should be not less than 100mm, close to the end, the application of push rod feeding.
5, such as saw wire walking deviation, should be gradually corrected, not hard to pull, so as not to damage the saw blade.
6, the operator shall not stand in the face and the blade rotation of the centrifugal force of the operation, the arm must not cross the blade work.
7, when the machine is running, found abnormal should immediately turn off the power supply to the workshop director, the non professional maintenance personnel shall not disassemble the machine equipment.
8, the machine must be dedicated, other persons without the consent of the workshop director, shall not be used without authorization.
9, it is forbidden to wear gloves, wear slippers, sick, drunk operation machine.
10, the end of the operation, cut off the power, for the machine cleaning, will be more than expected to clean up, should not be regular refueling, maintenance.

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