County Glue

Aquavie is specialized import and deliverables County glues used for edge banding machine. LH: 0983.132.389


About County Glue  used for edge banding machine

To be a good product and the most perfect, you must have automatic edge banding machine and use special glue companies Aquavie brace used for paste PVC edge on edge MFC

Aquavie provide glue for pasting margin applications in the wood industry. Depending on the speed and nature of materials such as wood chips, hardwood or softwood ... Bien edge MDF, PVC, veneer, melamine, polyester ....., production technology ... We will provide glue suitable for all types of applications.

We currently available 3 best glues: low temperatures, high temperatures and white glue.

+ Type low temperatures: melting temperature of 130ºC-150ºC

+ Type high temperature: the melting temperature of 150ºC-180ºC

+ White glue white plywood

Advantages when customers choose to buy County Glue at the company Aquavie

+ Adhesives are imported directly from abroad

+ For high adhesion on a variety of laminate surfaces

+ Easy to use, storage, transport

+ Waterproof, with high adhesion to ensure sealing longevity in conditions of low humidity

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