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About the blades used in wood industry

Saw blades are integral components of the wood industry, we decided very large and high precision products after cutting will square, not chipped. Therefore, the choice of blade was, to how size needs to be noticed and taken seriously.

Therefore, our company offers various kinds of saw blades used in the manufacture of natural wood and laminate to respond to the essential needs of businesses in the wood processing industry

The company Aquavie currently offers saw blades imported from world famous brands such as: Frued (Italy), TCT (China), .....

Classification blade for cutting natural wood and laminate

+ Saws used in the manufacture of natural wood is often sparse blades help cut wooden teeth airy and chipped:

luoi-cua-go-tu nhien

+ Saws used in the production of industrial wood will be quick tongue and teeth to help smooth wood cutting wood laksa was not.


+ The child saw blades used in sliding table saws 2 blades are double edged child


The reason customers should buy saw blades in company Aquavie

1) Teeth

+ Used carbide associated with excellent indicators longevity edged until grinding.

+ Silver solder selection and modern welding techniques to ensure maximum durability of the teeth mounted blade.

+ Mai in oil cooling conditions grinder ensures high precision, geometry and smooth surfaces of the teeth cuts will ensure smooth cuts and long life of the blade until sharpened again.

2) Material of frame saws

+ We have long term cooperation with suppliers with high stability of quality has been certified by the market.

3) mechanical force

+ To ensure high rigidity and mechanical stability of the blade;

+ Blades not only durable but also by the type of saw blades related to the specific working conditions on board (eg horizontal position or vertical blade when inserted into the machine).

4) Processing of reinforced shaft

+ Can edit, modify the axis of the blade standards as required;

+ Use the washer to reduce core diameter shaft on request.

5) The special improvement

* The design reduces noise

+ Reduced noise during the cutting process and limit vibration of the saw blade itself

* Black-Coating (black Negative body saws)

+ Increases the saw blade life of 20% of the cases occurred among relatives blade friction and adhesive plastic material by cutting wood or wood oil on the saw blade itself.

+ Treatment, prevent the occurrence of cracks and the reefs of the blade itself. These problems occur when the saw blade used in cutting machine running a high output, will cause the presses and shift blade touches the body stronger.

6) Saw blade with other standards, used special

+ Manufacturing on demand for special products.

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