Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Specifications of industrial vacuum cleaners

Size: 1450mm * 580mm * 2200mm

Stock suction diameter: 100mm x 3

Air volume: 23500 m3 / h

Capacity: 2,2kw / 3kw / 4kw

Noise: 65-70 Db

Dust bag diameter: 480 mm

Voltage: 220V / 380V / 50Hz

Weight: 45kg

Why have equipped industrial vacuum cleaner factory in the wood?

Wood dust is the most serious source of pollution in the wood processing industry. Dust arising mainly from the stages and process the following: Sawing wood to create embryos for the detailed woodwork, Pulley, sawing, drilling, milling, planing, sanding, planing surface details.

However, there are significant differences in the size and load of dust particles generated at different stages. At the roughing stages such as cutting saws, grinding, turning, milling ... the majority of waste are large size when thousands mm.

At the processing of crystalline phases such as sanding, polishing, but in cages no bigger dust particles are very small sizes ranging from 2 -20 mm, to easy to spread in the air. If no measures to recover and thoroughly treated, wood dust will cause some impact on the environment and human health. Dust into the lungs, causing respiratory diseases: pneumonia, pulmonary emphysema, lung cancer ... For plants: the dirt on the surface of the leaves reduces photosynthetic capacity ...

So the factory, wood processing must be equipped with industrial vacuum cleaner (also called exhaust fans).


About Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Company Aquavie designed and manufactured on the basis of calculation in line with the conditions of use of Vietnam. Equipment mobile dust suction to suck, filtering and collecting dust, the fine dust type, single dry incurred in factories and equipment arising dust.

- Principle recovered dust is a combination of centrifugal cyclone principle and forced through the filter cloth. Depending on the amount of dust that can use this type has a filter bag or multiple bags.

- Applications: For the factories: wood processing, construction materials, mechanical processing, animal feed, dust arising from product packaging and other sectors in need vacuuming with traffic machining small or scattered on the floor.

- The biggest advantage of the device is able to move through the system desk and wheels pushed to move in arbitrary dimensions very convenient and flexible. Exhaust fans manufactured with high dust recoverability, reels off against adhesion and abrasion resistance. Dust filter fabric is used as a dedicated type of polyester. With these kinds of dust need to be recovered for reuse, this is an optimal device.

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