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About the Grindstone

  • Advantages of grindstones

+ Made from selected raw materials of high quality.

+ Is produced on modern lines, advanced technology, grindstones with high sharpness and durability.

+ There are blinds made of fiberglass layers strengthen and improve the safety of the rocks.

+ Suitable for surface grinding stainless steel, alloy steel, iron, cast iron and their welds.

+ Dimensions: Diameter 100mm to 180mm of thickness 6 mm


  • Salient features

+ Stone grinding wheel for sharpening saws and blades perfectly expressed cell during grinding machining steels and conventional high-strength steel.

+ The particle Aluminum - WA standards not sticky impurities, using a special adhesive.

+ With the blinds layout bearing layers (BF) creates products suitable for grinding and cutting specifications for the machines in the Vietnam market.

+ Because of the characteristics on which the grinding wheel with the higher level of excellence and other similar products.

+ Use grinding wheels not only enhance productivity in the construction process, providing optimum economic efficiency but also to ensure safety for the user.

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