Industrial Woodworking Machine


The term "laminate" used to distinguish the kind of "natural wood" - the kind of wood from the trunk of wood. As for industrial wood is wood glue or chemicals used in combination with wood, serving as a board.

- Wood industry the majority are made from the surplus resources, utilize raw materials, regeneration, stem tops of natural wood.

- Wood industry international known as Wood - Based Panel.


In the manufacturing industry and wood processing for the production of wooden doors, kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture ... businesses use different types of machines to service sectors for production activities and its business. The origin of the machines imported mainly from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, China ... and a number of processing machines in Vietnam. Wood processing industry is very diverse and rich way for every business and every sector of the wood processing industry only uses some kind of matching features and requirements. Here are some common types of woodworking machinery used in the wood processing industry which our company is distribution throughout the provinces in Vietnam:

+ Edge Banding Machine: specialized in the manufacture of furniture, manufacturing wooden doors, ... The machine uses thermal glue, adhesive used exclusively by the door, next to the table, ...

Drill rigs +: This type of drill more nasal (nose 21-210), can be drilled from the user, can adjust the distance, the size of the drill. High-precision machine, using CAM drill, drill key ...

+ Cold presses: Presses 1400 x 2500mm large cold. Machines used to force the door, wooden stick, ... Time presses 60-180 min 1 fresh squeezed.

+ Machine roller glue: glue help surface before pasting wooden panels, laminate, veneer, melamine ... to increase the aesthetic and better product protection against external influences such as heat, humidity, termites ...