Automatic edge banding machine HD610H

Automatic edge banding machine HD610H

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  • Product Code: HD610H

Automatic edge banding machine HD610H


 Technical parameter


Edge banding machine HD610H  
Electric lift yes
Total power 14.7KW
Outline dimension 4500 x 1000 x 1600mm
Feed rate 12 m /16 m /20 M / min
Edge thickness 0.4-3mm
Sheet thickness 10-60mm
Sheet length ≥150mm
Sheet width ≥80mm
Working pressure 0.6MPa


Automatic edge banding machine four fault handling rules

Edge banding machine in our use of the process will inevitably be some failures, but these problems we should how to solve? Here we summarized the problem how we should do the fault sealing machine. Mainly about four aspects of the fault:

A drive, the main problem of mechanical fault sealing machine failure, cutter fault, uneven gluing etc.. This kind of phenomenon, we must check the various parts of the machine is in good condition, and its solid parts are loose. There is no deviation from the transmission parts.

Two, the main performance of the electrical failure of the main engine stop, the program is chaotic, slow warming and so on, there is no immediate processing of this fault will cause the heating pipe and motor damage. If serious, it will cause the entire mechanical damage. We first examine the situation of the motor, heating pipe, electrical control box, etc., pay attention to check these must be arranged professionals, non professionals do not operate.

Three, the adhesion failure problems are mainly manifested in deviation, viscosity and other phenomena, it if and edge banding, sol, rubber roller and the operation of the relevant, this failure can be single can also be are interleaved. This phenomenon appears to be immediately looking for professionals to deal with.

Four, the main problem is the gas feeding does not work, low air pressure, air leakage, the valve. These phenomena we have to check the pneumatic components are not damaged, if you need to replace the professional maintenance treatment.

A classification of the above four aspects is we appeared on the edge banding machine fault phenomenon, according to these situations we can prepare the judgment and immediately according to the realization of the process. Better maintenance of our equipment. Better to improve production efficiency.


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