Automatic edge banding machine HD621JH

Automatic edge banding machine HD621JH

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Automatic edge banding machine HD621JH


Technical parameter:


     Edge banding machine HD621JH      
Electric lift yes
Total power 20.2KW
Outline dimension 7100 x 1000 x 1600mm
Feed rate 12 m /16 m /20 M / min
Edge thickness 0.4-3mm
Sheet thickness 10-60mm
Sheet length ≥150mm
Sheet width ≥80mm
Working pressure 0.6MPa


Automatic sealing machine note:
The main advantage of the curved edge banding machine is firmly bonded, fast, lightweight, high efficiency, to this effect, in addition to buy a good edge sealing machine, but also pay attention to the band edge, hot melt adhesive, substrate, working environment and operation method of elements. Selection should pay attention to edgeband width and thickness, material, toughness and surface treatment of elements. Hot melt adhesive should pay attention to high, the difference between medium and low temperature glue, matching and edge banding type, but also set up a scientific heating temperature control and sol flow and solidification time delay. The selection of base materials have quality, temperature, section of parallelism and perpendicularity of the requirements, the indoor temperature of working environment, dust concentration has to be taken into account, operating in the substrate, band edge, rubber shaft running speed, pressure, balance, coherent, will affect the edge effect. Maintenance curved linear edge banding machine curve method linear edge banding machine in use will also appear some problems and failures, common faults are:
1, electrical failure. Including the host stop turn, warming fast, the program disorder, not timely removed, will burn out the motor and the heating pipe, or even damage the entire mechanical system. When maintenance, mainly to check the electrical control box, electric motor, heating tube, delay device, etc.. This maintenance is generally to be repaired by a professional or manufacturer.
2, gas path fault. Including valve failure, air leakage, low pressure, cutting knife, feed does not work, mainly to check all kinds of pneumatic components of the intact situation, the replacement parts can be manufactured under the guidance of technical staff.
3, mechanical failure. Main transmission failure, gelatinize unevenness, send material fault and cutter failure etc., mainly to check the machine parts in good condition and the solid parts, transmission parts deviation.
4, bonding failure. Such as Nien not, deviation and entrainment, which is a comprehensive fault, and rubber roller, edge band, sol, substrate and operation. This failure may alternatively occur, may also be a single, specific maintenance depends on the situation.

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