Electronic saw HP330G

Electronic saw HP330G

  • Brand: Hold
  • Product Code: HP330G

Electronic saw HP330G

Technical parameter 

Computer panel saw HP330G


Sawing length


Sawing width


Maximum height of saw blade

130mm intelligent lifting

Main saw blade

"400 x 4.4 x 75 72T x
(optional 450 x 4.4 x 75 72T x)"

Groove saw blade

160 x 4.4/5.4 x 45 x 24T

Saw seat forward speed

5-100 M / min

Saw return speed

Up to 100M / min

Manipulator forward speed

0-120M / min

Manipulator return speed

Up to 120M / min

Compression device

Pneumatic bilateral press wheel

Main saw motor power


Groove saw shaft motor power


working voltage


Table height


Air bearing table


Air bearing platform high pressure air blower


compressed air


Total amount of air

150 l / min

Minimum pumping speed

26 M / S

Negative pressure, at least


Dust exhaust air volume

4400m fand / h

Pipe diameter (2)

200 x 1/ 100 x 1

Electronic materials saw cutting board material with high precision, high efficiency, operation, artificial hand. Fool type material. Computer or electronic materials saw cutting saw, hand saw, reciprocating saw is the upgrading of products, the operator only needs 1-2. Man-machine integration operation, in the touch screen or PC machine input need to open data, after the start of the plate for precision machining.

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